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Author Name: Todd Lamb

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The latest scientific break-through in the world of diet products comes in the humble form of a beautiful fat-burning tea ingridient. Well actually it’s a regular but oh so incredible ingredient that than when added to your daily meals will help you get rid of belly fat and leave you with smoother skin, slimmer looking thighs and reduced cellulite on your legs and butt. Not only that, it can also help you re-gain that youthful feeling of vigor and vibrancy you had in your youth and that joyful, energetic lust for life. Sounds great right?

By now you’re probably curious as to what this breakthrough product is and whether it can work for you? How a 3-minute morning ritual adapted into your own daily routine might quickly and effectively deliver you your own personal and unparalleled fat burning results. It might be a breakthrough but it’s not actually rocket science either as you will discover in this 21 day flat belly fix review of the Todd Lamb diet program.

How it Works

The 21 day flat belly fix program is based on the premise that more and more people are finding it almost impossible to lose excess weight and keep it off despite exercising regularly and eating less. This is due to critical hormonal changes and a slow-down in metabolism that take place as we get older. The nutrient compound found in this product helps control your metabolism and regulates the amount of fat you can naturally burn off during the day.

Better than that, whilst it super charges your energy levels when you are actively on the go, it also aids to achieve a deeper and more prolonged restful sleep which in turn can help cognitive memory recall and reduce what is known as brain fog. Brain fog is a common side effect of many diets and of a toxic liver and is a major contributing factor in sapping vital energy reserves that then slow down your overall responses leading to more feelings of sluggishness, and you guessed it, continued weight gain. It’s like a continual cycle of self-sabotage.

It’s all down to the revelation that millions of people around the world are suffering from a “metabolic glitch”. If storing fat around your mid section sounds like a familiar story and your energy levels are suffering as a consequence, then it might just be that you too have this “metabolic glitch”. It is this glitch that the 21 day flat belly fix tea recipe both tackles and counteracts. The program includes a tea recipe and specific fruits, herbs and spices that you will add to your diet to help remove toxic wastes from your body and lose weight effortlessly.

Flat Belly Fix

Todd talks about simple tricks such as:

  • Ways you can raise your ‘Fat Burning Master Hormone‘, enabling you to burn body fat overnight, in your sleep.
  • Secret ingredients known as the ‘White Fat Fuel‘ that prevent your body from using sugar as its main energy source which helps to lower the amount of LDL ‘bad cholesterol’ in your body.
  • A special method known as the ‘Thyroid Accelerator‘ to facilitate rapid fat loss.
  • An ‘Ageing Skin Reversal‘ system that makes your skin smooth and radiant while also giving you an ageless youthful appearance.
  • Do you often feel tired and a lack of energy or motivation to get things done? Well, you will discover a simple weight loss trick that will give you ‘boundless and positive energy‘.
  • The weight loss tea recipe, which not only helps to burn fat around your midriff but also reduces your chances of getting type 2 diabetes.
  • The binge killer, also known as the ‘Satiety Switch‘ that will rid you of the constant need to consume unhealthy foods between meals.

If it sounds as though the flat belly fix is a complete lifestyle change, then yes you have been paying attention. This system will not offer you short term weight loss results, but will help you to incorporate healthy changes into your life that will have lasting effects over a lifetime.


  • Provides a full lifestyle change that will help you to lose belly fat and keep it off.
  • You will not be forced to starve or severely restrict your calorie content.
  • Everything within this system is healthy and easy to follow.
  • There is a 60 day full refund policy if you do not like the results.


  • you can only purchase it online on the official site. While this allows you instant access to it once you make your payment, it may make it less appealing to those who prefer reading hard copies.


Having excessive fat around your midsection not only makes you look older and unattractive but also increases your risk of getting life-threatening diseases like stroke, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. The key to continued and sustainable weight loss success is that alongside having more of the Todd Lamb tea recipe, you also need to be consuming foods that are known as “naked nutrient” as these will unclog a fatty liver and begin the fat burning process.

With the 21 days flat belly fix system, you can easily adapt into your daily routine. It is tried and tested solution that uses short, simple exercises and the right food combinations to help you burn fat and improve your overall health. With the science to back it up and the 100% money back guarantee, you risk losing nothing by trying it out.


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