Product Name: Lean Belly Breakthrough

Author Name: Dr.Heinrick & Bruce Krahn

Bonus: Yes

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Lean Belly Breakthrough is a 7-manual program that will help you target that harmful belly fat you’re carrying around. Be following the advice throughout, you can achieve a healthier weight naturally. If you have been trying to diminish unhealthy fat for far too long, then this system is certainly for you.

Lean Belly Breakthrough will help you ‘breakthrough’ the slump you’re experiencing regarding your weight loss efforts. Let’s face it — losing weight is tough and losing belly fat is even harder. The longer you carry around excess abdominal weight, the greater your risk of developing potentially life-threatening conditions. Take control today, busting that belly fat for good.


Although the program focuses on belly fat, it’s much more than simply a weight loss program. Intended to be a full health and fitness system, the ultimate goal is to enhance your overall well-being and quality of life. When you learn to balance nutrition, exercise, and effective stress management, you too can achieve optimal health.

This program provides you with all the tools you would need to reach your health-related goals. Focusing on the power of nutrition, as well as exercise and stress management, Bruce Krahn does an excellent job of explaining each component in great detail, resulting in a highly comprehensive program.

Each manual provides its own benefits in terms of your overall progress. As stated within the main manual —  your level of success will depend on YOU. This program requires effort, but as long as you’re willing to work towards your health goals, you can achieve incredible results.


About the author: After both Bruce Krahn and his father-in-law had major health scares, their health significantly improved after following Dr. Heinrick’s program. Bruce is a best-selling author and celebrity trainer, helping countless people take control of their health and their lives.


As mentioned, you will gain access to 7 incredible manuals, including:

  • Main manual – the main manual focuses on what it is you need to do in order to achieve your weight loss and health goals. Before you dive in, this manual offers great insight regarding some of the most common deadly warning signs — such as high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, and abdominal obesity. For many, this manual could be truly life-changing, as you have the opportunity to take control today — before a heart attack or stroke occur. It’s important that you understand the role of inflammation in relation to disease and what you can do to reduce your risk, all which are outlined throughout the program.
  • Tracking sheets — this consists of a detailed food diary, helping you become more conscious of what you’re eating and when. The goal here is to become more mindful of what you’re eating.
  • Libido boosting foods — sexual performance requires a healthy, balanced lifestyle, ensuring that the body and mind are functioning at an optimal level. This guide will help you choose the right foods in order to improve your libido. Explaining the role of nitric oxide in relation to your heart and sexual organs, will give you a more thorough understanding of what’s going on.
  • Fat burning desserts — imagine being able to eat desserts while on your weight loss program? This portion of the program is full of amazing recipes that allow you to enjoy treats like almond butter cookies, made with ingredients like almond flour, cinnamon, almond butter, stevia, and apple cider vinegar.
  • Emergency fat loss guide — this is a diet that Bruce uses with clients to achieve ‘tremendous’ success. He lays out some key rules, such as consume breakfast daily, eat two whole food meals a day, eliminate sugar, etc. Each day, he provides a unique tip — like, “add flax” or “drink water with fresh lemon.” This program is designed to help you shed fat and keep it off.
  • Body fat and hormones — from cortisol to estrogen, the hormones in your body influence all aspects of your health, including your ability to maintain a healthy weight. Whether you’re a male or a female, Bruce shares what your body fat storage means in terms of your hormones. For example, women who gain weight on their chest, tend to have high levels of estrogen in their body. To balance key hormones, foods are then recommended.
  • Recipes and metabolism boosting meal plan — recipes are categorized into smoothies, lunches, and dinners — offering delicious meals that will help support a healthy metabolism. From anti-inflammatory smoothies to an artery clearing tonic, this can help you get on-track, allowing you to look and feel your best.



There are many benefits associated with this weight loss program — after all, for some, it could be a saving grace. This program offers real, informative advice that can help you not only lose dangerous belly fat, but enhance your well-being long-term. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. The format — very easy-to-read and understand, this program takes the guess work out of some of the most common medical issues. Understanding why you’re overweight and sick can help you take action, today! Well-written, it’s easy to scan through the program so that you can take immediate action. You can then read back through to benefit from the immense detail outlined throughout the program.
  2. Money back guarantee — not sure if this program is for you? With its 60-day money back guarantee, there’s no risk, but plenty of reward.
  3. The outcome — for those who put the work in, you can change your health and your overall life. This program is intended to enhance your quality of life and protect you for years to come.



If you are ready to take control of your health and your life, then order today!


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